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Is Tarifa a good spot to learn kitesurfing?
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How to choose your first kite?
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How does a Kitesurfing course in Tarifa work?

Do you want to learn Kitesurfing and it is your first experience? In this video, we show you the whole process from zero to hero of a Kitesurfing course in Tarifa.

Recorded in Playa de Los Lances, the main spot for schools and teaching area in Tarifa, it´s where almost all our lessons take place. This wide sandy beach is an exclusive teaching area. This means that all the students learning to kitesurf have a priority.

The kitesurfing course in Tarifa

We will let you know a couple of days before your arrival what is the wind condition and which spot we will choose for your kitesurfing lessons. Normally we meet in the Parking area of Playa de Los Lances Norte, next to Chiringuito Agua. From there we will take all our equipment and we will go to a spot on the beach where we will set up our flag. Tarifa is a Natural Reserve. Because of that, the physical buildings for schools on the beach are not allowed. All schools set up their flags in the school area of the beach.

We will be able to leave all your things and equipment at the flag. Pepa our Kite Instructor assistant will be always around protecting the gear while we are in our kite lesson.

During your first steps, you will be getting used to all the equipment, security systems, wind theory and Kite Control. Once you are able to control the kite and you feel confident with it, you will start connecting with the water and wind. This will continue until you complete the kitesurfing course and become an independent rider.

If you want to know more details of what you will be learning during your Kitesurfing course in Tarifa check here.

How much time does a kitesurfing course take?

The length of the kite course in days will be different for each person. Normally a full course of Kitesurfing takes around 3 to 6 days. However, it all depends on the number of hours you do per day. And this, on the other hand, will depend on wind and weather conditions.

As a reference, on the first day, we normally do 3 hours session in the morning and a 2-3 hours session in the evening. Once the level increases, we do between 2 to 4 hours a day until the end of the course.


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